About Me

I am Megan Harrison! Single mother to my sweet son Hayden William.

First, I want to say thank you for being here!! I am so excited to have created this space of community!! Whatever reason brought you here I am so happy to have you!

It has been on my heart to start this blog for quite some time, and it wasn’t until becoming a mother that I finally made that thought a reality.

The name is simply the heart behind this blog; my son and myself! HAY(den) MEG(an) is where the name Hay Meg came from. Short and sweet!!

I am from Los Angeles, CA born and raised, not many can actually say that! Unlike most; college was not the life path I took. I attended Cosmetology school straight out of High School, and though I have taken many (and I mean many) detours in the job world I have landed back doing what feels right, hair! I am currently doing hair& makeup for an amazing company based in Los Angeles.

I started this blog as a space to share my story in hopes that there are gals going through similar things that can relate, share my journey as a new mom, as a single mom, and lets be real as a woman!

This space is a space for me to be real, honest and raw about everything I post! I encourage, welcome, and appreciate comments! I would love to hear what my readers want to hear, and how you feel or relate to specific posts!

Tag along on my journey, one blog at a time!