My Birth Story!

Now that we’ve found out I am 7 months pregnant, I assumed my next step was to plan a baby shower?!

All jokes aside the panic in me set in. At this time I was working for a clothing company in Los Angeles managing their customer service department. So, unfortunately benefits was not something they offered. I was pregnant without insurance. I had to jump through ever hoop to become insured (PS. for you pregnant & or single mommas there is SO much assistance out there for you ill share in another post). Once I crossed all my T’s and dotted all my I’s I accepted the pregnancy I allowed myself to become excited.

Before I fully dive into the birthing of my son, oh yea he’s a boy I was having a boy! I have to jump back to my family. My family single handedly supported me with every fiber they have. My mom is a warrior who I hope to mirror in my journey as a mother, my dad spent hours on end building furniture for my soon to be nursery. They really are my tribe, and without them I would be lost.

Back to being pregnant. Toward the end I had a pretty smooth pregnancy! I suffered a ton of lower back pain, but when your belly is past your toes you’d think that comes with the territory right? The shuffle had begun. We made a few trips to Ikea, the crib was set up, the clothes were hung, the breastfeeding class was taken, it was time for me to have my baby.

February 16th 2018, I went to work like anyone would on a Friday accept I was 9 months pregnant 38 weeks to be exact. I worked a full 8 hour day, and it was time to come home kick my swollen feet up, and indulge in my frozen yogurt. (Syke) It must have been around 8:00pm shortly after my shower I realized that the couch beneath me was completely soaked.

As I stood up I realized this was the moment I had seen in so many movies, my water had broke! I was unsure because I was not in any amounts of pain, I did not have contractions I shouted to my mom my water had broke and I vividly her saying to my dad “Okay its time to go have the baby!”

Me being so prepared had my hospital bag completely packed…Not. I began to pack my hospital bag as I called the hospital to ask when I should come in. I was taught 1 contraction, 5 minutes apart for 1 hour, but somehow we missed that step and jumped straight to my broken water.

As we arrived to the hospital I began to experience severe contractions. I really don’t know how to explain them other then it stopped you in your tracks and the only thing I could think of is man I hope this epidural really numbs everything…

I got my epidural, and it was game on. To be honest I never really had time to think of any fears, pains or anything of that sort that went along with the actual child birth process. Which looking back after watching a full 14 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy I am completely okay with. It wasn’t long after my epidural it was time to sleep while I could, so I did just that.

The nurse came in for her nightly shift check, and to her surprise when she checked I was at a 10 dilated and it was game time! I decided I wanted my whole family in the room with me so I had my mom quickly call my dad, and sister back because at this time things were moving quickly.

The nurse then put my legs in every girl’s favorite stirrups, and brought this light down like a spotlight and I was the main attraction, and asked me to push. I was to push every time I had a contraction, the funny thing is I was completely numb so I wasn’t quite sure when that was! Ha

After a few short pushes I was told to stop because he was here, and my doctor was not!! What do you mean my doctor was not here? Nurses do not get enough credit because in my opinion they pretty much deliver the baby! As my doctor strolled in one or two more pushes and my son was born! They laid him on my chest and I have the same feeling today that I did in that moment when I look at my son, I can’t believe I did that I gave birth to that perfect human.

From pregnancy, to birth us women are badass because it still blows my mind what our bodies are capable of! I am amazed more and more every time I truly think about it. Every time I look at my son I have those same emotions.

That day my world was changed, my son Hayden William Harrison 6.2 lbs 21 in was born. He gave my life purpose, he made me a mom.