I'm Pregnant? My Pregnancy Story

Be prepared for a laugh, some questions, because this birthing story is not your typical story. Usually I see moms start off with their Birth Story, but my story calls for a Pregnancy story all to itself.

I will preface by saying I did not find out I was pregnant until I was 7 months! Yes you read that right 7 months!! Like that show “I didn’t know I was expecting, but this was no show this was my reality.

I will start from the beginning. You may ask, did you not get your monthly visitor? The answer is yes I actually still got my period or what I thought was my period off and on during that time frame. The next question that may arise is, were you not gaining weight, showing? I was living on my own with a roommate eating things girls on a budget eat. Dollar menu, and cup of noodles! So I thought I was gaining the freshman 15 (at 27) HA!

At the time I “conceived” or was newly pregnant (still didn’t know) I was an assistant at a hair salon, so can you imagine what I know now was morning sickness mixed with being as assistant working 9-7pm on your feet all day was like? Torture!

Fast forward a few months to the holiday season I began to rapidly feel more and more sick, I was on WEBMD thinking I had some intestinal problem by the end of some nights. I remember the night like it was yesterday, December 2nd 2017. I decided I was so unsure what was wrong with me that it was time to head to the ER.

So, that night my mom and myself headed to the Emergency Room in hopes something was not seriously wrong. I checked in, and waited. Once I was called back they took blood, ran the normal tests and everything came up perfectly healthy. As I laid for the doctor to come back with no idea that the next sentence that doctor spoke would change my life as I knew it.

He came back into the small waiting room in that hospital and said “Your tests all look fine, but there is one thing you are pregnant.” My heart sank, emotions filled my body so much so that I could not stop shaking. I began to tell him that is impossible unless I am about 6/7 months pregnant, as he ran that cool gel over my belly looking at that baby he said “That’s about right, we are going to check you out of the ER and roll you up to labor and delivery.”

My mom was sitting there in as much shock as I was. I was pregnant. The nurses then rolled me up to the labor and delivery unit got me changed and set up. The began to strap and hook on all sorts of machines, but in that very moment those machines were being hooked up I got to hear my baby’s heartbeat. There was a living baby growing inside of my stomach!

I was living such a selfish life style at that time of my life (those details will come in the next post) that I was terrified. I have never played life by the rule book, so the first feelings that I felt was guilt. I felt extreme guilt that I was going to yet again throw a curve ball into my families life. I felt as if I was going to bring disappointment being a single mom. I had so many emotions in that moment. But there was a part of me that just knew this is what my life needed, this is the purpose I was missing.

I was scared, how was I going to raise a child? How was I going to physically give birth? Am I ready? Without any warning, in two short months I was going to have a baby…

I think I have spilled out enough surprises for this blog, that you are finally caught up to continue to the birth story!