NBK Detox Journey

First off this post is dedicated to my journey as I’ve shaped back into the person I wanted to be post baby, and a majority of this transformation included my physical appearance. I am speaking from the point of a single mother though I’m sure many mothers, and women in general will relate to this topic. 

As I have said in a previous post after I had my son I was mortified with the body and feelings I was left with. I had a new baby with minimal time to take care of my self. This was motherhood, and I was terrified. 

I tried hitting the gym hard, working with a personal trainer, and every fit tea on the market, but my physical and mental state were not seeing results. I felt at a loss, and that this was going to be my new normal. You often see things like “Learn to love your new body you birthed a child” and while yes this is true you also need to be able to look in the mirror and see the body you desire life is not about accepting what is but working for what makes you happy. In my case it was to get rid of this baby weight, it was to look in the mirror and be happy, it was to be able to walk in a store and grab anything on the rack, it was to feel good in my skin again. 

This is where Niykee Heaton, and NBK comes in, and when I say this process and detox I did changed my life I stand behind that. I have been following Niykee for some time now and she has something different about her as a person. She has a kind soul, and a beautiful personality. She truly is one of a kind. I tuned in a little closer when I saw her go from eating unhealthy foods (I mean who doesn’t love some taco bell and taffy) to her body totally shift into what it is now, I was curious. 

She released the NBK 7 day detox, and I immediately bought it. Though it took me a little to pull the trigger and commit it was in the back of my mind. Its hard as a single mom and this is no pity party but to work full time, pick up my son, get home, get him taken care of and then cook myself dinner? Forget it! I grabbed the closest frozen meal and called it a night. This cycle did not aid to my feeling horrible about my appearance. Not only that but my energy was low, I felt sluggish, I was simply not happy. 

I finally decided to begin the detox, and without giving away too much because she lays out EVERYTHING from how to, to add ons and everything in between in the guide. This detox consists of soups, shakes, drinks, and teas. I found myself in the grocery store in the beginning overwhelmed on was this going to work, could I stick to it, do I have the time? When I realized what I’m doing now isn’t working, I don’t stick to any diet, and I still have no time. So I decided to commit to this process. 

I made my soups for the week, and was mentally prepared to make the change. When I tell you changing your life patterns is so much more then physical it is SO MENTAL. You have to want this change more then anything, you have to have your WHY and be so sure of it for not only this but anything to stick. 

I started the detox day 1 and it was so much easier then I thought. I cut out coffee so as a single mother on a tight budget I was no longer spending money on Starbucks, and lunches (which add up quick) and I was feeling full. As the days passed I began to see the numbers on the scale drop, I began to feel my clothes becoming loose. This is the moment I became so driven because I finally committed to something and this was cleansing my body of everything negative I allowed to enter both mentally and physically. I FELT AMAZING. I could eat a healthy lunch, come home be a mom and have a healthy dinner warmed up in 2 minutes. I WAS PROUD. 7 days quickly turned into 14 because for me this was it. This was what I needed. 

I completed my first detox and lost around 23 lbs! I felt amazing, I looked better, my skin was clear, my mood was up, I was beginning to find myself. Now this detox is vegan and I went into it knowing that I not only wanted to complete this detox but I wanted to change the way I ate when I was not on my detox. Now after doing the detox 4 times, my diet remains clean. There is no purpose in something if you are going to revert back to your old ways. So, I made the choice to change I was going to stick to it. 

What does life while not detoxing look like? I don’t eat any fast foods and rarely spend money on food out in general. This helps me stick to clean eating and it helps me maintain my budget. I choose to drink nothing but water and Niykee’s detox drink (provided in the detox) period. I no longer drink coffee, sodas, alcohol, and that is my personal choice. I no longer eat any pasta, bread or unhealthy carbs. I have stopped drinking milk, and consuming dairy. Since I stopped eating dairy my skin has been SO CLEAR. I also stopped eating meat. I have switched to all plant based and meatless meat as a substitute. For anyone curious the brand I have really enjoyed is Gardein! Be cautious that sometimes vegan frozen “meat” is high in sodium so water intake helps!! 

I do continue to do the detox at least 2 weeks of the month because thats where I am. Im not at my ideal goal, but I am dam close. I also feel like who’s body doesn’t need a jump start. Another thing I ALWAYS even when not “detoxing” keep a batch of the soup made for the nights I just want to eat something easy and quick. Doing things like this keeps you from reverting to old habits. Set yourself up for success. 

So, like I said this detox not only changed my physical appearance but it changed my mental. I have never been happier with my body today. I walk past a mirror and feel proud, like dam I did that. I am more myself than I have been. I can be a good mother to my son because I chose to be good to myself. 

In the end NBK has become a tribe, a family of girls including Niykee who encourage, uplift, and are truly there to make you feel SO BEAUTIFUL in your skin. Because beauty doesn’t have a size it is about looking in the mirror and looking and feeling proud. 

If this has inspired you to kick start your detox the link to the Detox 2.0 is below!